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Prepare for your next jewelry purchase sooner than expected and trust our diamond experts to ensure a seamless experience. Depart our showroom in Grand Turks, Turks and Caicos Islands, feeling beyond content with the stunning gift in your possession. Shopping for that special piece of jewelry will be a delightful breeze with our guidance and selection, located conveniently at the Cruise Pier in Grand Turks.


Monday-Friday 10am - 6pm ET


Turk and Caicos 路 Carnival Cruise Terminal 10A, Grand Turk, Tkca 1zz

Exclusive Collection

A small business celebrates your memories by capturing them in tangible reminders that will last a lifetime. Dune handcrafts jewelry and accessories using sand & earth elements from thousands of iconic locations around the globe. They love a life well-traveled and encourage wanderlust in each and every one of you. The destinations in our Sandbank reach far and wide - from childhood beach homes to golf courses, hiking trails, vacation spots, and more.

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